NEW "Deliverer" Box Call

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The "Deliverer" Box Call

The "Deliverer" Box Call

The new "Deliverer" Box call from C&S is a classically designed box call.  Built with a Walnut Body and a Purpleheart paddle, The Deliverer is the perfect box call to add to your current arsenal of C&S turkey calls.  This is a mid size box call capable of reaching out in volume while maintaining a small footprint in your turkey vest.  Yelps, cuts, Purrs and more, the Deliverer will give you great volume as well as softer sounds to finish that wary gobbler.  The Paddle can be played at several angle variations and pressures to give you a wide variety of hen sounds as well as adjustable rasp. 

Each call comes pre chalked and with a extra piece of call chalk.



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